Rezando al Miedo

by Cultura Tres

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Mark Lindhout
Mark Lindhout thumbnail
Mark Lindhout Creepy yet awesome. A sense of blood and moist rot permeates this record. The stifling damp atmosphere is broken through by bouts of aggressive riffing, but the jungle always takes over again.

Immerse yourself into its atmosphere and don’t bother with categorization, because you'll fail. It’s much better than the sum of its parts. Favorite track: Hole in Your Head.
Euterpe thumbnail
Euterpe Very well written, musical invention, and a lot of energy from this Venezuelian metal band.
Stijn Van Hees
Stijn Van Hees thumbnail
Stijn Van Hees A dark sludgy trip, very compelling album by a band that takes a foundation from DOOM but builds their own regonizable sound around it with. An album you'll keep spinning. Favorite track: Rezando al Miedo.
Harry Holzhauer
Harry Holzhauer thumbnail
Harry Holzhauer Simply amazing, take a listen and float away.
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"REZANDO AL MIEDO" available on DigiPack CD at Devouter Records


released May 15, 2013

“Rezando Al Miedo” is the third album of Venezuelan sludge band Cultura Tres

------------------ Album Credits ---------------------------------

All music written, arranged and performed by Cultura Tres.
All lyrics by Alejandro Londoño.
Outro "Forgotten" composed & constructed by Ernst van der Loo.

Produced by Alejandro Londoño.
Mixed and mastered by Alejandro Londoño at Cultura Tres Studio.
Recorded and engineered by Alejandro Londoño and Juan de Ferrari.

Cover art taken from the painting "Day of Judgement" by Damian Michaels (

Album layout design by Juan de Ferrari.

Band photography by Juan de Ferrari, Alejandro Londoño and Cesar


"This is an epic masterpiece that will stand the test of time and stand as the monument it is." 10/10 Skrik Zine (Norway)

“Rezando Al Miedo is a groove laden masterpiece that proves Cultura Tres are possibly the finest South American Metal band currently out there" The Sludgelord (UK)

"The sense of threat and wrongness is matched only by the slightly hysterical joy of immersing yourself in it." 4/5 Terrorizer Magazine (UK)

"...the Venezuelan 4 piece have created an darkly evocative soundscape that by parts leaves you exhilarated, unnerved and queasy…" John Sturm, Echoes and Dust (UK)

“A jewel with which Culture Tres show they are one of the most important metal bands of this damn planet...." 9/10 Cosmic Tentacles (Spain)

“Rezando Al Miedo” is the best work of Cultura Tres so far...." Phantasmagoria (Greece)

"Sludge? Doom? Progressive? Forget genres – Cultura Tres did when they wrote this challenging work of art" Philip Stiles, Sonic Abuse (UK)

"It's not long before you realize that this album is a tour de force, a masterpiece even." Paranoid Hitsophrenic (US)

“……Cultura Tres rank among the most unique bands of their time.” Andreas Schiffmann, Temple of Perdition (France)

"Again a strong and very varied album with that apart dark and eerie South American style...." 84/100 Lords of Metal (The Netherlands)

"The best album of these Venezuelans, and it could very well qualify for the honorary title of "best in the genre." (Russia)

"Cultura Tres must have a special incantation that melts it all down into this breathtaking masterpiece."


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Cultura Tres Amsterdam, Netherlands

Cultura Tres is a Venezuelan sludge band. Labeled as Global Discovery by Metal Hammer Magazine, and with tours through South America, Europe and Japan their underground buzz has been growing worldwide.
Since releasing La Cura (2008) and especially ‘El Mal del Bien’ (2011), the media have been unanimously praising the daring direction the band has taken.
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Track Name: La Selva Se Muere
the land
the land of our future
the land of our children
is bleeding to death
la selva se muere

our essence
was raped by religion
your greed, your rotten system
is taking us down
la selva se muere

the ground is flooded with blood

la selva se muere

respira su herida...
Track Name: Es mi Sangre
es mi sangre

the walls won’t talk
my thoughts don’t tell me much
I don’t remember sitting here before
the walls won’t talk
and I don’t hear a sound
a rotten smell is giving me some clues

I’m the end of the bloodline

es mi sangre

yeah I’m the chosen one
I am the truth in every lie
I’m the one who saves
and this is the chair
where I belong

the walls won’t talk
but I can hear you pray
the world looks
quite interesting from here

I’m the end of the bloodline
Track Name: Hole in Your Head
church of money,
priest of business, holy war
divine politics,
global sanctions, media prophecies

I saw through the holes of these hands
now I see through the hole in your head

I see through the hole in your head

faith finances,
holy profit, sacred market
divine debt,
mercy credit, paid salvation
I saw through the holes of these hands
now I see through the hole in your head

I see through the hole in your head

democracia, santidad, propaganda
saint corruption,
free us all from this crisis
‘cause I see through the holes in my hands
now I see through the hole in your head

I see through the hole in your head

and I don’t see much
Track Name: En Esta Tierra
la voz que miente en la piel
me vende una eternidad
la voz que vende el dolor
hoy me habla de salvación y me vende...
el miedo a su dios, el miedo al infierno
pero solo escucho mi voz

en la tierra del miedo

la infancia que reza sus traumas
se ha cansado de sangrar
y en el suelo esta escrito en sangre
“en ésta tierra se acaba el miedo”
porque si no hay dios
tampoco hay infierno!

¿a quién le rezas?
Track Name: 1492
los hijos de ésta guerra
los hijos del dolor
los hijos de éste cáncer
hoy pierden la fe
escucha su voz

se rompen las cadenas
se desangra la invasión

los hijos de tus miedos
hoy pierden la fe
escucha mi voz

más de quinientos años
más de quinientos...
la invasión, se desangra...
Track Name: Rezando al Miedo
Rezando al Miedo
Track Name: La Ley del Dolor
I am the one who knows you
I am the one who says
who’s going down
I’m the one who shows...
la ley del dolor

I am the one you’ve chosen
I am the one who says
who’s coming next
your turn has arrived
it is time to learn...
la ley del dolor

es el mal del bien
el mal de tu ser

el precio de tu paz
es el precio de mi paz
el precio de tu paz
fue mi paz
Track Name: Forget I'm Here
years of walking down this road
 ... I realize
years of learning to believe
and I realize

turn out the lights
forget I'm here

years of learning how to live
and I realize

I die alone

years of waiting for that day
I'll never see
years of waiting for those words
that never came

turn out the lights
forget I'm here

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